Vibro Subsoiler


  • Perfect deep breaking of soil pan
  • Is capable of reaching at a depth of 20-25 inch
  • Loosening soil deeper than a plough or tiller, hence the air and water are better absorbed throughout the soil, promoting better crop growth
  • Requires 45 & above hp tractor and reduce power required per unit of loosened soil
  • Standard bearings and Heavy duty shovel
  • Sturdy in construction

Model No

Overall dimensions

Number of tynes & type

Sub-soiling distance

Sub-soiling depth

Power Source

Field capacity



L1140 x W835 x H1331 mm

01; Vibrating

30-150 cm; Adjustable

70 cm Max.

Tractor of 45 & above hp

3.0 ha/day

295 kg

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