4 Row Tractor Drawn BBF Planter


  • Broad-Bed-Furrow planting system
  • Ridger & Tynes
  • The planter performs seed & fertilizer sowing, covering and furrow making in single operation
  • The furrows made helps to conserve rainwater as well as drain off the excess water
  • separate compartments in seed box facilitates intercropping
  • Rigid Frame

Model No

No of Tynes

Tyne to Tyne Distance

Seed to Seed Distance

Seed Type

Seed Capacity

Fertilizer Capacity

Power Source


Overall Dimentions 4 Tyne

Overall Dimentions 5 Tyne

Total Weight

RIPLPB0490 / RIPLPB05102

4/5 Tyne

6-48 Inch

1-52 Inch

Small / Medium / Bold

8-16 kg /10-20 kg

12-20 kg/15-25 kg

35HP & above tractor

Covering Plate & Ridger

L2426 x W640 x H980 mm

L2726 x W640 x H980 mm

290 kg/ 315 kg

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