1 Row Sugarcane Planter


  • Cuts sugarcane into setts, makes furrow, plant cut sett in furrows, cover the planted sett with soil and apply fertilizer in a single operation
  • Adjustable depth of planting
  • Vertical adjustment for ridgers is provided
  • High quality and durable planter makes sugarcane planting efficient, faster and cost effective
  • Saves 50% cost on planting compared to traditional manual planting
  • Field capacity 2-3 acres per day

Model No

Overall dimensions

Number of tynes/openers/ rows

Row-Row spacing

Seed hopper capacity

Power Source

Depth adjustment


Fertlizer box capacity, kg


900 x 1450 x 2500 mm

01 No

Min 750 mm; Adjustable

2-2.5 q

35-45 hp Tractor

By adjusting depth wheels

Tyne or Disc ridger optional

25-30 kg

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