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Dyaneshwar Ghotekar

“I am using the Rohitkrishi 07 tyne planter from last six years for planting of soybean, green gram, black gram, Bengal gram crops. The Rohitkrishi planter is an exceptional planter. Its main strength is planting of all types of seeds optimum seed spacing, which is an essential requirement of our farm, considering the multi-crop farming followed by us.”

Chandrakant Deshmukh
Village Varpud, Dist Parbhani

"The sowing of inter-crops; is one of the distinguishing features of the Rohitkrishi planters. Last year for example, we added soybean in the middle four seed boxes and pigeon pea in the extreme end seed boxes, that has allowed us to sow soybean + pigeon pea in 4:2 intercrop ratio.”

Diliprao Phuke
Village Mangrulpir, Dist: Washim

“Rohitkrishi planters are very sturdy in construction & reliable multi-crop planters, which ensure uninterrupted work. We have been using these planters for many years and we have never encountered any problems.”

Tukaram Khedekar
Village Shivni Dist-Jalna

“Rohitkrishi equipment is designed and manufactured extremely well with a very high work quality, and above all, it is a very handy piece of equipment, where you can easily assemble and disassemble what you need each time, as well as being very simple to use.”

Kashif Usmani
Village Simariya, Dist- Nagpur

“Today, multi-crop sowing is indeed an increasingly important to sustain due to fluctuating market prices of the agricultural produce. Thanks to Rohitkrishi planters which offers the possibility of sowing all kinds of seed with simple adjustments. For example to say, I have been using the Rohitkrishi planter for sowing of onion, sorghum, green gram, black gram small seeds; cotton, soybean, pigeon pea, Bengal gram medium size seeds and groundnut, gram bold seeds. This really has reduced the cost on sowing and improved the crop yiled.”

Anil Jagtap
Village Yewala, Dist: Nashik

“It was very difficult for us to plant maize seeds manually at optimum spacing due to labour shortage and high labour wages. The field has a rather large clod and this makes manual planting long and difficult. We had seen the Rohitkrishi maize planter at a trade fair and we liked it from the start and so we decided to buy it. Like all the other, Rohitkrishi Maize planter, besides making maize planting much quicker, it is a piece of equipment that performs excellent work, ensuring perfect seed planting. This all leads to excellent results in crop rooting and development.”

Kunal Chandrakant
Village Sakri, Dhule

“After assessing different sowing machines in the market, our choice concluded with the purchase of Rohitkrishi 05 row mini tractor drawn planter. Another aspect I would like to point out, is the wonderful support received from Rohitkrishi, in both buying and regulating the machine on the farmland until it could perform excellent work in the conditions of our soils. A perfect machine, quick and with an excellent quality in every working condition, from humid to dry soil, from the easiest to the most extreme conditions.”

Sanjay More
Village Solankarwadi, Dist: Solapur

“Onion production is not always profitable for us owing to certain risks associated with it. Reducing the cost of production is one of the way to increase the profitability. Hence I have purchased Rohitkrishi 13 row seed cum fertilizer planter specially for onion sowing. The planter is found to be effective, since it saves seed and labour as compared to conventional practice. The cost of onion planting has been reduced considerably and the crop matures and harvested earlier than the conventionally planted onion crops. Hence I fetch good market prices for onion. Looking to the benefit of Rohit Onion Planter, I am using the planter on custom basis and sow 100-125 acres of onion per year. The planter can be used for sowing of other crops too.”

Dyaneshwar (Mauli) Ghotekar

Village Kolegaon, Dist: Nashik

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